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Kingdom Color Professional Photo Lab
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a customer of Kingdom Color & Imaging Inc. ?
Answer: Please contact customerservice @kingdomcolor.com or call 802-334-8313 and talk to one of customer service representatives. They will be very happy to assist you with any information that you require to make you a member of the KCI family.

What is FTP?
Answer: FTP stands for file transfer protocol. This is a fast and easy way to transfer digital files from your computer to our server. You can send files directly at our web site www.kingdomcolor.com. If you want to establish an ftp account or have a question regarding connectivity contact customerservice@kingdomcolor.com

Can I put more than one disk in an order envelope?
Answer: The only way that we want you to put more than one disk in an envelope is if the event won’t fit on a single CD or DVD. We don’t want multiple CD’s submitted in a single envelope unless it is one complete job i.e. one wedding on multiple CD’s.

What is the best way of structuring my files that I am sending in for printing?
Answer: The structure that we would like to use is to create a folder using unique folder names (we suggest using the customers name). Please avoid file names over 11 characters in length and avoid symbols or spaces.

How can I ensure the shortest turnaround times for my orders?
Answer: By properly and completely filling out our forms and order envelopes, orders will take the shortest period of time to put through our workflow. Questions that come up, wrong color spaces and missing information can drastically slow down the workflow.

Can I send in more than one customer on a CD?
Answer: Absolutely, we would prefer to have many files on a CD. It speeds up our workflow and decreases the possibility of a digital minimum charge. The structure that we would like to use is to create a folder using unique folder names (we suggest using the customers name). Please avoid file names over 11 characters in length and avoid symbols or spaces.

How many images should I put on my disks?
Answer: The easiest answer would be as many as can fit. We prefer loading into our system 1 CD with a lot of images instead of many CD’s with 1 or 2 images each. CD’s that don’t meet our $10.00 minimum order charge will also incur a charge to bring the order up to $10.00 so that is another reason to send in CD’s with many images. Another reason for many files on a CD instead of many CD’s is that orders will be printed faster.

Should I ever re-burn my CD’s?
Answer: In our opinion, CD’s should never be re-burned because it can cause failures on the CD and could result in unreadable disks. We recommend burning the CD’s a single time only. To prevent CD’s that won’t open correctly, use a burning software that lets you verify the CD burning. If there was a problem burning the CD, this will let you know.

Should I send in files that have been sharpened?
Answer: Your files should not be sharpened. We sharpen files here in our professional software and results of sharpening at both the studio and lab can cause unpredictable results.

Can I have retouching done on files sent on a CD?
Answer: Kingdom Color has a fantastic digital department with highly skilled digital graphic artists to handle all your retouching needs. We understand that the photographer doesn’t have the time to do every job in a studio and we retouch 1000’s of negatives and digital files each year.

Do you handle the color correcting?
Answer: Yes we would prefer to handle the color correction. We have many many years of expertise with color correction, the correct lighting system and a software that is much easier to use then photographers have.

How can I avoid the digital minimum charge?
Answer: If you submit large enough orders to get you over the minimum order charge or by putting many seniors on a single disc you can also avoid this charge. We have to impose this charge because of all the labor incurred from loading up files and putting them into our work flows.

What do I do for reorders?
Answer: When sending in digital reorders, please include the original order number and file number filled out on one of our digital reorder forms. We currently store images on our servers for a period of about 1 year. If you give us the original number, then we can print the order quickly. If you want any changes from the original files such as cropping or digital retouching, please indicate this on the form. If you don’t do this, then the original file will be printed the same as last time. If all the information is submitted and we still have it on our servers there is only a minimum charge of $5.00 instead of the minimum digital charge of $10.00. If the order is completely different from the original order, i.e. this time you don’t want retouching then this will be considered a new job.

For magazine proofing, can I order 2 or more different style books from the same job?
Answer: Yes you can, please indicate this on one of our magazine proof ordering sheets. We have 3 different sheets currently, one for seniors, one for portraits and one for weddings. There is slightly different information needed to print these different types of jobs so that is why there are 3 different forms.

Is there a discount if I order 2 identical magazine proof books?
Answer: Yes and no. If you are submitting rolls of film that are going to be printed out in a magazine proof format, then you only incur the develop and scan charge once. You are also charged for the pages as well as binding, a cover page or a sales page if you request these. Ordering from digital files, you are charged by the printed page as well as binding the cover page or sales page.

Can you tell me more about DVD burners?
Answer: There are basically 3 types of systems out there currently. One system burns DVD’s with a format of DVD-R and DVD-RW. Another system burns DVD’s with a format of DVD+R and DVD+RW and a third system specifically some of the Sony drives burn to either format. These are the preferred drives because no matter which technology that you prefer, you can use both. The DVD-R discs are also currently cheaper to burn than the DVD+R discs. Either discs give you a capacity of approximately 4.7 gigs of storage as opposed to a CD which can have up to 800 megs of storage (almost 6 times as much storage per discs. Some of the DVD discs are also available as double sided so the storage capacity goes up to 9.4 gigs. These discs are currently still very expensive.

Which is better, JPEGS or Tiff’s and why?
Answer: We print from only JPEG files and not TIFF files. If you send in TIFF files we convert them for our printing equipment. We have run numerous tests on both formats and have not had any better results with TIFF files. Files that are saved at a maximum compression level of 12 will give you great results. Keep in mind not to repeatedly save files in the JPEG format over and over again because the file will degrade with each saving. JPEG formats are preferred for FTP, and any events with many images such as weddings, grade schools and anniversaries.

What kinds of computers are preferred and why?
Answer: We prefer PC based computers because many programs are available for the PC and not available for Mac based computer systems. Software such as Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrated, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel are now virtually identical to Mac based software so the Mac’s ease of use is no longer an issue. All of our computer systems are PC based with the exception of our Linux based servers. The professional printing software we use is only available for PC’s.

When I purchase a digital camera, what kinds of things should I look for?
Answer: The easiest things that people ask are how many megapixels does the camera have but there are many other considerations. One of the things that most photographers completely overlook is how do I process the files after they take them. Many of the softwares do not handle the files as easy as others. If you take a wedding for instance, choosing the wrong software will cost you many hours of your time, so this should be a huge consideration. Another major consideration is do I currently have lens and accessories for this camera. If you have many lens for Canon cameras, then buying a Nikon camera might not make much sense. You should do alot of research before buying a camera because digital cameras now a days probably only have a life of about 1 year or less before new features and higher resolutions come out making your camera obsolete. We work closely with our customers and show them all the things that they need to know based on our usage and testing of most of the major cameras available to the professional photographer. We can also put you in touch with people that have particular cameras or where you can read reviews of the cameras that might interest you.

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