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Kingdom Color Professional Photo Lab
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File Specification Guidelines

Image files submitted to Kingdom Color & Imaging Inc. for digital printing should be created under the following guidelines:
  • Adobe Photoshop 6.0 or higher RGB color mode, 8 bit per channel
  • 300 pixels per inch at an 8x10 size Images should not have sharpening applied
  • Flattened layers,  JPEG Format  Files should be saved without LZW compression
  • Do not submit Photoshop files or RAW files Do not include extra layers, channels or paths
  • When sending in multiple cds (usually on weddings with many images), do not reuse file numbers
  • JPEG format files should be at a compression level of 12 for less image loss
  • To avoid an editing charge, please submit only the files to be printed
  • Please indicate on the order envelope and the digital order form the number of files located on the media submitted

File Formats
Save files as flattened  JPEG’S without LZW compression, channel masks or paths. Save JPEG’s at level 12 (maximum) For FTP ordering, files must only be JPEG Files.

File Size
We recommend a file size of 300 dpi at 8x10 size for prints that are to be made up to 20x24. If you want a larger print please check with our digital department for more information.

We recommend that all files come in with an 8x10 proportion. If a customer orders 8x10 proportion (8x10’s, 4x5’s, 16x20’s) and 5x7 proportion (5x7’s wallets etc.) from the same image file, cropping will occur on the 5x7 proportioned images due to the different proportions of the prints. In cases like this, Kingdom Color will center the image within the print. This is the exact concept used in this industry with cropping cards for years. If you have specific cropping needed, please send in a separate file sized and cropped in the 5x7 proportion or if you wish, we can custom crop for you at an additional expense.

File Naming
Please limit the file names to no more than 11 characters in length. Please use only alpha-numeric characters and don’t use both jpeg and tif together in your file name. Use one or the other but not both. You may use underscores and dashes but please do not use symbols such as !@#$%^&*(){}][ / <> | or spaces.

Media Accepted
Kingdom Color & Imaging Inc. can accept digital files on Zip Disks, CD’s, DVD’s and FTP. Our preferred media at the present time is CD. Clearly mark on the digital output form and on the order envelope, which media is being used.

Lab Color Space
Kingdom Color & Imaging works within the sRGB Color space. Select sRGB within your Photoshop software to ensure better color quality. To prevent color problems, never mix color spaces on a CD because we use sRGB colorspace when importing the files.
To setup Photoshop to use sRGB:
1) Select the edit menu
2) Select color settings
3) Under working spaces next to the RGB choice, please select “sRGB IEC61966-2.1”

Setting Highlights and Shadows
For best highlight to shadow detail, set your highlights to RGB 240-245 and your shadow value to 5-10.

We recommend a good quality monitor with a Trinitron tube for image balance and submission, such as a Sony or a Lacie. The monitor color should be set to 6500K with all image viewing in subdued lighting and no florescent or direct window lighting hitting the monitor. Set color work space to SRGB.

Sending In Files For Printing

Digital Output Order Forms
When submitting finished orders or digital proofing jobs, please submit a completed digital output order form along with your disk.

Digital Reorders
At Kingdom Color, we store many orders on our servers for reordering. Please submit your digital reorders using our digital reorder form with the original order number and file number. Digital reorders with this information will only carry a 5.00 minimum charge instead of the normal 10.00 digital minimum charge and turn around times will be greatly accelerated. Reorders that are not received with the original information will be considered new orders and subject to the digital minimum charge.

FTP Order Submission
Kingdom Color offers 24 hour a day, seven day a week service for FTP files directly from our web site (www.kingdomcolor.com). Our FTP site is one of the easiest in the industry and it enables you to place your order as well as transfer the files directly from our web site. If you haven’t already filled out information to become a FTP customer, please go to www.kingdomcolor.com to set up your account today. After we receive your information, we will activate your account.

Create Your Own Wedding Albums Or Place Orders Directly With Performer Presentation Gold Software
We are adding this software to enable you to crop and place orders from the ease of your computer. Check out our wedding album design module that you can use to save yourself many hours of wedding album design. We think it is the best around. Try it for yourself today!!! For more information on this free software, please contact our customer service department today about availability.

Magazine Proofing
Kingdom Color is proud to introduce magazine proofing which is available in 8 1/2x11 and 10x13 sizes and is available with multiple color options. Other options available include cover pages, binding, sales pages, and customer cover pages. Please fill out one of our magazine order forms (we have one for weddings, one for seniors and one for portraits). Please fill out one form per job and you may order multiple books for a job. They can be a totally different look or the same exact book.
Let us host your wedding, sports, portrait or senior event today with our very own internet hosting site. Display your events around the world and take additional orders from sources previously unavailable to photographers. Please contact customer service to set up your very own account today. Once your account is setup, you control the pricing, shipping charges, what the passwords and user names are for your events, the length of time an event stays up, which images are displayed, and how many images will be displayed per page.

File Manipulation Pricing
Convert File to TIFF or RGB Format 5.00                     Flatten Image 5.00

Monitor Calibration

Free Digital Output Target
To allow customers, limited control output of their digital images, Kingdom Color provides a digital output target in a TIFF format file and a print from that file. Adjusting your monitor while viewing the digital output target (under light equal to daylight) will allow you to generally match the images you produce. This will also provide an idea of what your image will be output as when it goes through the Kingdom Color digital printing process.

Recommended Monitor Calibration Packages
Our Digital Output Kit can help a photographer initially but we recommend that photographers purchase a monitor calibration software package. A monitor calibration software package will provide a photographer with a calibration method that is not subject to each users preference. The two software packages that Kingdom Color recommends are the Spyder with OptiCal available at www.colorvision.com or the Eye One Color System available at www.i1color.com
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