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Kingdom Color Professional Photo Lab
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Kingdom Color & Imaging, Inc. FTP


  1. Go to your web browser, type www.kingdomcolor.com.

  2. Click on FTP.

  3. If you have a password and login ID, enter it in here and skip to line 11 for further ordering instructions. If you are not yet a user, please click the register here button. This will bring up a screen for you to create a new login ID and password.

  4. Type in login name

            Type password

            Type password again

            Type e-mail address

            Record your login ID and password for future use.

  5. Enter billing information

  6. Enter studio information, and wait for a reply from the lab.

  7. You will receive an e-mail confirming that you are now a customer.

  8. Return to www.kingdomcolor.com via the link in the e-mail confirmation.

You only have to do 9 and 10 once 


  9. If you do not have java on your system you will need to download it now. Click on the java link, to begin downloading. When placing an order, please specify if it is a finished order, or a proofing order.

10. A security warning will pop-up about Rad Inks, click always.

11. Open a window with the files you wish to download at the same time as your browser is running.

12. Drag and drop your files onto the white box on your screen, an upload in progress box will appear, when finished the list of files you uploaded will appear in the box. ( Files only, no folders.  File names cannot have symbols, only alpha numeric, dashes or underscores are allowed. )

13. Click either the place finished order button or place proofing order, depending on what you want.

14. The ordering interface appears with print options. Either click on what you want or type in the quantity in the box provided below the size desired.

15. Any special instructions or retouching services are entered by clicking on the here button under special instructions. In order to get the digital retouching add on option menu to appear, you must select one of the retouching options.

16. When finished, click submit order.

17. For finished orders, you can now select mounting and spraying or you may change quantities or drop a line item.

18. Click complete.

19. At this time we recommend that you print this screen as an invoice for your records. You will also receive email confirmation of your order with all of the ordering information included. To make sure that the email is sent to the proper address, please make sure that your email address is up to date with us.

20. To place another order click on the tab provided. If you are finished, close your browser.

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