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Kingdom Color Professional Photo Lab
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Photo Associations
VPP  -  Vermont Professional Photographers
NHPPA  -  New Hampshire Profrofessional Photographers
PPSNY  -  Professional Photographs Society of New York State
PPANE  -  Professional Photographers Association of New England
MPPA  -  Maine Professional Photographers Association
PPARI  -  Professional Photographers Association of Rhode Island
PPAM  -  Professional Photographers of Massachusetts
PPGNY  -  Professional Photographers of Greater New York
CTPPA  -  Connecticut Professional Photographers Association
Adobe  -  Adobe Acrobat Software
Performer Software  -  Presentation Gold Ordering Software
Lab Prints  -  Labprints Ordering Software
Myphotoevents.com  -  Our own webhosting service
Industry Links
Eastman Kodak    
Fuji Film    
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